Curiosity killed the cat (1)

The night was still young and the stars glowed like their batteries were just renewed, the wind was filled with a positive smell. A smell though but positive. There was no sound coming from anywhere, it seemed as though the world was sick and helpless. In chains maybe. The only thing you could notice from Mother Nature was her twinkling stars above the earth and the whooshing sound from the intercourse between the moving air. “tonight’s the night, weather for two!” quickly her finger tapped her screen as she updated all her social networks.

She didn’t expect anyone to reply or like or retweet or comment. As expected no one did. Next morning there’s a message inbox and the adrenaline begins to pump out, her heart beating fast as all the colours in the room appear to fade out as she thought to herself “who’s the stranger dying to see me? ” She’s young. 16 and curious, you know what they say about curiosity? He’s a murderer. That day at school nothing seems to be creeping into her brain, the teachers appeared boring and everyone in school caused her to wonder if she’s the only one not feeling school that day. All she could think about was the stranger dying to see her, a face she didn’t know, a name she’s never heard of and a body she had only imagined!

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