Just before i finished high school 2 (an unusual day)

The next morning was as unusual as the previous day, I know I didn’t wake up at the wrong side of the bed, but something did feel different about me. All through the night I was thinking about Rebecca and eventually dozed off to sleep without having dinner. I’m up from bed and its 6am, the sun has just began to slowly pierce the sky and from the look of things it was going to be an unusual day, mom wasn’t up and I wondered if she had anything in mind for me to eat before I leave for school.

7am, mom’s up and I’m ready for school but there’s practically nothing for me to eat, not there weren’t food but my mom over slept in and forgot to cook that early morning as she normally does.
‘I’m so sorry Dave, the sleep was so refreshing’ she calmly said as she handed me a 1000 naira not with a very big grin. If an unusual 1000 naira note was her way of bribing me to forgive her, then I forgive her. I stretched my hands to collect the money and I actually did.
‘Well, take your regular 200 for lunch and bring back the rest home’ she muttered.
What? I thought… well that’s what it was, an unusual day.
At school that day I wasn’t about to pretend to anyone, I was hungry, that moment at least and as soon as I got to school I rushed to the canteen to help my stomach with some food, as I carelessly eat my dinner and breakfast Rebecca stepped in with a book in her hand, she walked up to me in a way that it appeared to me like it was a movie, suddenly all the colours in the room appeared faded and the wind blew softly making her hair to flay swiftly. At least that’s what I imagined.
‘Morning David, I kinda need your help with this assignment’ she smiled, showing all her teeth which I also find hot. At first I wanted to be a bad boy and ask ‘What’s in for me if I help you’ but then, who says no to a pretty face?
‘Good, bring it to the class when you’re done ok?’ she smiled again and turned away. She finally talked to me after forever of cold shoulders and it’s a request? I continued to eat my meal then suddenly the school bell jingled and that’s our call for assembly.
In school, you find so many different kind of people, some people struggling with their identity, some people who just naturally fit in, those who hide behind their back and those that don’t fit at all; sometimes I get confused about where I belonged, I was sure about it some months ago but now I honestly didn’t feel the way it used to be. I miss my dad.
Every student values his or her lunch time, there are so many things you can do during that 45 minutes break time, veronica practically sleeps although that period, Patrick and Peace talk all through this period, that used to be Rebecca and I. Sola and ‘Dem boys’ are always in the field, Michael and his evergreen choristers are always at the gallery, and the geeks are always found in the library. I was supposed to be in the library too but I got summoned by the director who seemed too excited to see me.
‘Hey David, you mind being a delivery guy today and deliver this note to your mom, its important you give it to her and hey, don’t go snooping around its content …’ he went on and on and one part of me wanted to ask what’s up with my mom and him? But I just stood still till he finished he’s long speech.
‘Ok sir, you’ve got no problem’ I replied.
After school I met up with Rebecca walking home and I stopped her to give back her note, yes I did the assignment for her.
‘Thank you so much David, are you walking my way?’ hell no I wasn’t, but I said yes.
‘Really sorry for the cold shoulders lately…’ oh bitch you know what you’ve been doing all along!
‘… just don’t want any distractions, you know the exam’s pretty close’ how does holding hands and saying ‘hello’ result to an f9? I thought to myself
‘Oh sure’ I replied and the thought of the letter in my bag and what could be going on between my mom and Mr. Marvin changed my face again.
‘Are you ok?’ my face can really tell a lot about my mood. And yes I told her everything. God! It’s Rebecca Dike. Who says no to her?
‘Don’t you want to know what’s in the letter?’ she boldly asked
I never knew she could be as tough as she’s sounding now, and yes I felt tempted to know its content.
This girl has basically set my mind in a very different realm of curiosity and eventually like Adam and Eve we ate the forbidden fruit.

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