silver lining (original series) 1

The heat was exclusively annoying, there was nothing as evil as the heat filled all over the auditorium, it was exactly 11am and the preacher was still on the pulpit, even as much as I hate being in any Christian gathering , this one was a necessity. Mr. Adekunle Matthew my friend was dedicating his first child, a boy. A product of the mistake between his wife and I. I sat down there filled with joy, regret and guilt. Part of me wanted to tell him the truth but each time I notice how this baby has made him happy, I always give up.

‘And the baby shall be called….’
The preacher, a very stout, good looking young man who looked like he was forced into the ministry hysterically announced.

‘…Solomon Segun Adekunle’ the whole congregation jumped in excitement over this announcement, I sat there in wonder as my gaze caught to Mrs. Sandra Adekunle, my best friend’s wife, the mother of the product of our sins.

In about 5 minutes after the whole excitement, the micro phone was given to Matt, to announce the godfather of the baby and that was my call to come over at the altar for a brief statement. It was 1 something pm and I was already as uncomfortable as the baby fussing in his mothers arm, slowly, yet sharply looking I walked towards the altar as I notice a million eyes looking in my way, I tried not to get a look at Sandra. I’m sure if I had seen her face before getting there, it’d break me.

‘Praise the lord…’
I cleared my throat, not waiting for the ‘hallelujah’ response, I continued.

‘Well, what can I say, I’m really excited to be a part in the life of little Solomon, I thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Adekunle for counting me worthy for such a higher calling’
the whole church congregation made a loud groan that made it seem as though they were laughing .

‘Really, I’m glad…’ I continued

‘…and I promise to give a positive impact in the life of Samuel’

there it was again, only a little louder but with words as the whole church muttered
‘Solomon ooo, not Samuel’
quickly I corrected myself and laughed a little as I gave back the micro phone to the pastor who spent about an extra 15 minutes in praying for all of us standing there.

There was going to be an after-service party at the Adekunle’s and I was going to pass on going to it till Matthew came along with a bottle of wine to say thank you for everything. My heart sank deep and deeper with guilt each time I remember what evil I had done with his wife.

‘You’re coming to the house yeah?’ he asked with a smile. God he looked so happy.

‘Oh sure, wouldn’t miss it’ I replied and he walked away after a hand shake and a ‘Brotherly’ hug.

At the Adekunle’s and the time is in between going to 3 o’clock and past 2 o’clock, I sat still on a seat that read ‘The godfather’ hilarious I thought.
‘They’re attaching too much importance to this godfather thing’ I whispered to Rosemary’s ear. She gasped and looked back.

‘Mr. Kenneth you startled me, well you’re lucky, mine reads ‘seke seke’…. Mtchew’ she faced forward as I gave a light hysterical laugh, Rosemary, the company’s secretary and personal assistant to Mr. Adekunle, a very good looking young lady who likes to talk too much, rumors around the office is that she was caught one time cheating on her husband, i wouldn’t believe she was even married, she looks so young and pretty, one thing i can’t understand about her generally is the fact she that she behaves like a man, like she likes manly things so much and I have no problem with that.

‘act like a man, think and talk like a lady’
she always use that quote, wherever she got it from i have no idea; but she does look sexy when she ‘acts like a man’

I sat down, brought out my tablet to text my mom telling her I’ll be home late, as I moved my fingers from one letter to another a text came in with Mrs. Adekunle’s number and it read

‘Ken, upstairs now, please its urgent. Try not to be seen and come with a bottle of wine if you can’t resist being seen’
rapidly I scout the whole compound searching for Mr. Adekunle but nothing. So I took a bottle and headed to the bed room of my best friend and his wife.

Mrs. Adekunle sat facing the window, my presence was not known to her, the room smelt of baby supplies and heat, the air conditioner seemed not to be functioning and there weren’t standing or ceiling fans in the room.

‘uhmmm, here I am, what’s up?’
I calmly said as she turned around and instead of looking at me and saying something, she headed to the door, shut it with eagerness and turned to face me and quickly she buried her lips on mine and yes I kissed her back.

‘Ken lets run away, let’s leave, go somewhere for just us alone…’ she went on and on and I pretended to be listening as I went to the door and flung it open. She kept mute at once.

‘OK, we leave, what’s going to happen to little Solomon, Matthew, what will people say? Don’t you ever think?’ I said angrily, not loud enough though, I figured she barely heard me.

‘Oh ken, don’t you even start, you know that we’ve been caring about what people say since secondary school…’ she begins to break down

‘…what people say made me loose you, made me got married to Matthew and I’m not going to care again ken’ with tears in her eyes

‘It’s going to be ok, sands, just be patient’ as I walked towards her and hugged her

‘Just be patient’ I repeated severally and then Matthew Adekunle my boss and friend walked in on us.

‘What’s going on in here?’ with a look of confusion in his voice.

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