Silver lining (original series) 2

All the colours in the room faded at the sound of his voice.
‘Oh god! Not today’ I said to myself. Why he had to come to the room at a time like this, I wondered. Just then Sandy gave a loud sniffle and a very calm groaning like she was sobbing and recovering from a shock news, then she muffled
‘Thank you so much Kenneth, I think I should tell him now’
god is she sick or crazy? What in god’s name was she about to do? I tried to speak to her with my eyes but she avoided contact.
Mr. Adekunle sat on the edge of the bed like an old lady who just heard a good story; he checked his watch and looked straight at me with a smile. For split second I wondered what was going on. I knew for sure that Sandy wouldn’t risk telling him everything that’s been going on between her and me but whatever she whispered to his ear was definitely doing the trick.
‘Thank you so much for everything Ken’ he smiled again looking at his watch this time.
‘What are friends for?’ I gave him the surest reply I could think of, and then I excused the room.
The heat from the sun had already died down and it was about 6 pm, the sun was still visible but it wasn’t scorching, the clouds around it made it look so sexy and I felt like I was in a romantic movie scene, with a bottle of wine on my left hand I stood at the balcony trying not to think of the whole drama in my life, I analyzed the wine I had in my mouth and boy it did taste good. Someone from the other building was staring at my way, I noticed but ignored, then our eyes met abruptly as she raised a glass to me with her head moving up and coming down the second it went up. I reciprocated to the stranger and made my way to the party down stairs. So much for a little baby.
It was a party for a little boy but it was attended by lots of reputable and honorable men and women too and as expected, the music was loud and groovy, I tried to sing along and tried harder not to make a dance move. I suck at dancing but not at singing. As I sat on my seat that read “godfather” a lady approached me, a very tall and skinny looking lady, beautiful though, I still thought she was suffering. No one should look this skinny.

“Hi, you must be Ken…” She smiled making her look the more beautiful.
“…I’m Mary but my friends call me may” I tried to respond to the thirteen words she just said but then she continued.
” I’m the child’s godmother and you obviously are the godfather ” with a broader smile.
“Woah. Yes yes and yes” I stammered
“I am, and I am also pleased to meet you Mary” I finalized.
She motioned for us to go somewhere to talk but I passed on that. My excuse was that I was already leaving. She gave a very angry and disappointed look, just then I poked my nose and looked up and there was Sandra at her window side monitoring me.

At about 9pm, the party was over but Mr. Adekunle was nowhere to be found, I searched everywhere but didn’t find him, so I decided to head for his room to tell Sandra that I was on my way home.
‘Come on in dear’ her voice came in from the other side of the door, on a second thought I felt like just turning back and leaving. The door flung open and boy she was looking gorgeously beautiful in those night gown.
‘Oh ken it’s you’ with a killer smile
‘Come on in’ she continued. I tried not to make any contact with her, there was something about the way she was looking tonight though, something sweet, I just couldn’t put my fingers on it.
‘I was searching for your husband, I guess I’ll be on my way now’ I said with my gaze fixed on her.
‘oh he went for a board meeting’ she replied .
‘how are they having a board meeting without me and at this time?’ I asked.
‘It’s a freaking Sunday’
‘The Lord’s day’ I said looking at her intensely.
‘’I don’t know…’ She replied.
” maybe they needed to settle something”
“Oh” I exclaimed.
She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me stretching her arms to me, motioning me to sit beside her. Like a puppy I did.
Her eyes were fixed to the picture of she and her husband. I noticed and asked if there was anything she wanted or wanted to ask.
“You know why I married him Ken?”
“You know I have no feelings for him..” She turned to me.
“You know I did this for us” she moved her gaze back to the picture and held by hand, pressing it so hard.
“Ken let’s just leave, run away with Solomon” turning to me.
I stood up and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
“not now sands” I said
“We’re still on the plan, we can’t go. Not yet” I said, kissing her again. I turned around to leave when she asked me not to go.
“Stay with me till I fall asleep” she said falling to the bed with her back.
I took of my shoes, crawled up to the bed and laid beside her for that moment I forgot she was married to my best friend, I forget she had a child for my best friend through my own sperm, I forget the fact that her husband could come at any time.
We lay spoon to each other, I could hear her heart beat, it raced at first and much later it found a rhythmic beat of comfort. I could also feel her breath on my arm. Slowly and intensely I started to feel a build up in my pants it’s not a strange feeling what I’m feeling now, the thought of her alone makes my whole body throb.
I tried to make an advance towards her, by moving my hand away from under her body, I started stroking her hair gently, she turned to face me.
” you know I won’t fall asleep with the boner in your pants ” she said smiling.
I kept a straight face and slowly said
“I want you sands, I want you now!”
Just then, a knock was heard at the door.

4 thoughts on “Silver lining (original series) 2

  1. b funny how you take us there in that mood and drop us… really interesting one.. suspenseful!!!
    hope the later episodes come in time..


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