I don’t want to be a virgin no more


Just yesterday someone sent an email with this subject “I don’t wanna be a virgin no more”  I laughed so hard at it, usually I reply everyone who wants me to get their stories featured on here, but to this one I felt the need to be silent and really I was silent about it till she sent another one saying “seriously, post this” then I replied her and we really had a very good conversation. Okay, here it is.

Hey, why would you want me to post this, do you really mean what you’re saying?

And she was all

Yes I do, everyone wants something. Please do this for me.

And so here’s exactly what she wanted.

They say if I start now I may not stop. I know exactly what I want and even though there may be risks involved, I honestly don’t care.
Just one night, is that too much to ask?
I don’t want the traditional dark room with candle light and sweet smell of roses, I don’t want the slowly taking away of our cloths and all the gentleness of it.
I want it very hard and rough, I want my hair dragged and my butt spanked. I want my cloths torn and I want to be pushed into bed.
I want my first to be awesome and that is awesome.

There, the words of a curious teenager.

4 thoughts on “I don’t want to be a virgin no more

  1. wow. the things teens say these day, so she doesn’t want to have a spiritual connection more of a sexual attraction?


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