The night of August 4th


(Jo writes)
I turn on the radio and a calm voice spoke over a soft background music
“Welcome to the night time show…” I listened without interest.
“…080nighttime, the numbers to call if you wanna blow a kiss to that special someone in your heart…” the voice continued
There was something about her voice over that soft music background. I picked up my phone, not sure of what it is I was about to do.

Pim Pim Pon my fingers clicked eagerly and within seconds I was connected.

“Good evening and you’re on to the nighttime show…” she stopped to get my reply but I stood there silent, still wondering why there wasn’t a single star in the sky, and why the power hasn’t come back on.

“Hello, I’m Ademola” I snapped

“Oh welcome brother, how old are you” she replied.

“I’m 21” I replied.

“Good. So, who’s this special someone in your heart you wanna send a kiss to” she asked.

“Ermm, I wanna send a kiss to my girlfriend” I replied
“Who’s your girlfriend, any name?”
“Yes, Chioma”
“Ok nice, where is Chioma?”
“I don’t know”
“You don’t know where your girlfriend is?”
“No… I mean yes” I ended the call, tears rushed down slowly from my left eye, why only my left eye?

It’s been two months you left, we called and texted everyday last month, Skype made it feel like you sat next to me when we watch “the crazy night show”
Days without hearing from you turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. A month without hearing from you.

I sit here in my balcony wondering if you ever thought of me, even a slight of it.
Where are you Chioma?

This is just another piece of writing. Inspiration from a radio conversation.

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