(AUTHOR: Prosper Nwokoro)

I told her I love her. The only girl I ever told.
She may not have believed me. Why would she?

She barely even knows my three faces. Yes! I have three faces.

I don’t hold forth on love discourse like most guys. Like most players.

The diaphanous attire that is my love on her seems really frivolous.

I even told her about the stars. My strength. My muse.

She needs the open affection. The sign of weakness my dad advised me to abstain from.

My mood swing must have prompted this cautionary tale.

Maybe, I am a player. I know too much about them.

Maybe my love for her is just a lit candle in the wind. something that’ll pass away

I was hunger-stricken once. But I still managed to think about her in that instance. No one dares goes into my thoughts when I am hungry. Even poetry!

But I still won’t call her now, would I? I won’t. I never do.

In all sincerity, she won’t value whatever I throw at her from my mouth. She needs more than words.


I am too weak to reveal any trace of weakness. My strength has always been my weakness. And so far, it hasn’t failed.

Anyways, this is the subtleties of my entanglement. Some fire cannot be quenched by the rain.

If my current trajectory is anything to go by,

My love for her is like hypocrisy and corruption in Nigeria. It will never end!

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