The Place Where I’m From




Just yesterday I got to discover a lot about my place of origin (“place of origin…” sounded so funny in my head), we were having our regular morning devotion and typical me was half concentrated on what my mom was saying. The gospel she preached was something about the powers of this world (some fetish and juju kind of thing).

I’m used to people saying “those people that eat human beings” when I tell them where I’m from (and oh, it’s ISI-ALANGWA. It’s somewhere in Eastern Nigeria) but really I don’t know anything about that, neither do I know how human flesh tastes. Here’s her story though.

“…so in the early days, the pioneers of our land made a pact with some “good” spirits (I can’t remember their names now) and they reached an agreement with the land (actual Earth) to automatically kill anyone who gets involved in any form of evil…” this was what caught my attention! How is that even possible?

“… but if a man must get involved in evil, he must do something so inhumane, something only an abnormal person would do. He must do something that will make the earth (the land of my community) to reject him…” she continued but I quickly interrupted her with a “how?” And she looked at my face, smiled and continued.

“… he or she must do something very unreasonable, like feed on faeces, drink urine and other very awkward stuff. This automatically makes the land regard you as worthless, and once you’re rejected by the land, you can carry out your evil successfully and if you die, the land (actual Earth) will never accept your dead body. If you’re buried (even with a casket), the land will vomit you up with your casket…”

I really found this story interesting but hard to believe. I’ve heard so many things which I find very unbelievable but this one cracked me up real good.

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