How To Attract Husband Material


A happy african american female is being kissed on the cheek by her lover A happy african american female is being kissed on the cheek by her lover

A lot has been put down about the qualities of a good husband material but nothing really has been written on how to attract such a man. I have heard many females say, “There are only very few guys who wants to settle down. They are all the same. They sleep with you and dump you” but I want to say that is not true! We have real guys who want to settle down. It is just that some ladies are quite uninformed as to how to attract such guys.  When preparation meets opportunity, success is achieved, they say! How do you attract a marriageable guy?

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Participate In The PenAStory Love Contest



Hi there! Are you a writer and would like to win cash for yourself this valentine season with your writing skills? If your answer is yes, then then you certainly just got lucky! PenAStory (, a fast growing Nigerian literary platform is organizing its first writing contest which you absolutely can’t miss out on. In keeping with the theme of the Valentine season, this contest is centered on the theme of love. We present to you The PenAStory Love Contest!

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Don’t Blame Fate


Image Credit: Quotes Pie Image Credit: Quotes Pie

Oftentimes, people are quick to blame a lot of event, failures, decisions and mistakes on destiny. We are quick to attribute our failures to being responsible by a greater force beyond our own control but very hesitant to attribute success or fulfillment on the same “destiny” instead we attribute that to hard work, perseverance, determination and all the essential quality for being successful.

Since fate refers to things bound to happen as being controlled by a greater force, we can roughly say that everything happening in the world today, the wars, disasters and all the crisis are controlled by a greater force beyond the control of man. How interesting can this be?

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Twenty – Episode Four



Excerpt From Episode 3:

Chioma sat gingerly on the bed and stared at the red light of her Blackberry phone that was blinking. She picked it up distractedly till she saw it was a text message from David. She sat upright as she shakily opened the message and read

“Hey Chi, miss me? I got my eyes on you babe.” Read Episode 3: CLICK HERE

Chioma dropped the phone as if it was a piece of hot coal that had just burnt her. Her mother hurried to her believing it was part of the grief that was making her act that way. Mrs. Ugochukwu tried to embrace her daughter but Chioma rebuffed her.

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Virtual Love

They say love is amazing and conquers all, some even say love beats even the unbeatable and triumphs where mortal strength fails. Well, I would not blame all those who have this healthy idea of love, after all when compared to what some others face, they literally have smooth love lives. So here is my own idea of love from a really turbulent lane.

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Twenty – Episode 3



Excerpt From Episode 2:

“I saw you, the corpse you buried last night. Check, where you hid it, dead men don’t walk.” The line went dead and she dropped the phone with a bang as she ran out to the backyard. The shallow grave had been dug out by somebody and the body was gone. She stumbled back in fear just as the door bell went off. Read Episode 2: CLICK HERE

She stood rooted to the spot listening to the ringing door bell. Whoever it was should just go, she thought to herself as she sat on the floor and began drawing patterns in the dirt with her fingers. The visitor didn’t seem like he or she wanted to leave as the peeling doorbell was now accompanied by banging. She stood up hesitantly and went inside, looking at the door as if some horror was going to walk in through…

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