Dark Tears (by Juliana Eze)

  It was Friday the 10th of March, this day makes a year behind bars for me, a year of stupid food, crazy people, no freedom, no family and no friends, I've been in this prison for a year now and I have no single one to call a friend or partner or something like … Continue reading Dark Tears (by Juliana Eze)

Curiousity killed the cat (2)

It was at exactly 1am, the hour of the night where only ghosts, spirit, fear and darkness walk upon. She was at ease with herself, her body, her mind and her soul, all in unison to the silence of the night. Suddenly there was a dim light and it shone on her face, one eye … Continue reading Curiousity killed the cat (2)

silver lining (original series) 1

The heat was exclusively annoying, there was nothing as evil as the heat filled all over the auditorium, it was exactly 11am and the preacher was still on the pulpit, even as much as I hate being in any Christian gathering , this one was a necessity. Mr. Adekunle Matthew my friend was dedicating his … Continue reading silver lining (original series) 1

Just before i finished high school 2 (an unusual day)

The next morning was as unusual as the previous day, I know I didn’t wake up at the wrong side of the bed, but something did feel different about me. All through the night I was thinking about Rebecca and eventually dozed off to sleep without having dinner. I'm up from bed and its 6am, … Continue reading Just before i finished high school 2 (an unusual day)