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They say love is amazing and conquers all, some even say love beats even the unbeatable and triumphs where mortal strength fails. Well, I would not blame all those who have this healthy idea of love, after all when compared to what some others face, they literally have smooth love lives. So here is my own idea of love from a really turbulent lane.

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Twenty – Episode 3



Excerpt From Episode 2:

“I saw you, the corpse you buried last night. Check, where you hid it, dead men don’t walk.” The line went dead and she dropped the phone with a bang as she ran out to the backyard. The shallow grave had been dug out by somebody and the body was gone. She stumbled back in fear just as the door bell went off. Read Episode 2: CLICK HERE

She stood rooted to the spot listening to the ringing door bell. Whoever it was should just go, she thought to herself as she sat on the floor and began drawing patterns in the dirt with her fingers. The visitor didn’t seem like he or she wanted to leave as the peeling doorbell was now accompanied by banging. She stood up hesitantly and went inside, looking at the door as if some horror was going to walk in through…

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Twenty – Episode 2

[Excerpt From Episode 1: “I am afraid I would need you to come in to identify a body. We think it might be someone you know.” She laughed derisively and hung up without another word. Two deaths in one! “What is Edmund Crescent turning into?” she yelled into the silent night….To Read Episode 1: Click HERE] The alarm went … Continue reading Twenty – Episode 2

Twenty – Episode 1

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It was 6:00pm, an hour since Matthew had said he would be coming over when she had called him. Her agitation wouldn’t let her sit still by the window where she kept peeping, hoping for the welcomed sight of Matthew. She became restless and stood up from her window watch and began to pace the room, her pacing was like that of a person in a trance. She would walk to the window and gaze out before walking the entire length of the room again, her lips were moving but no words came out as all the words were running through her dazed mind.

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All that Glitters is what you make of it (gold or whatever)

      Have you not heard what they said? Some people have real problem and they basically use their problems top inflict some rules and we follow sheepishly. They set rules and make  restrictions, you're not supposed to think for yourself they'd say  Don't desire too much they tell you, live in the comfort of … Continue reading All that Glitters is what you make of it (gold or whatever)


**** I TOLD HER I LOVE HER**** (AUTHOR: Prosper Nwokoro) I told her I love her. The only girl I ever told. She may not have believed me. Why would she? She barely even knows my three faces. Yes! I have three faces. I don't hold forth on love discourse like most guys. Like most players. … Continue reading I TOLD HER I LOVE HER